The sprint format will see heats of 8 racers completing the 200m course. Each racer will get 2 sprints, at least half an hour apart to allow adequate recovery time, and the fastest finishers will go through to a knockout semifinal and final.

The sprint course will be set in the best location to minimise the effects of wind and tide. The four primary options are shown below.

Course 1:  Ideal for winds from the north or north east

Course 2:  Ideal for winds from the east or south east

Course 3: OK for winds from the west

Course 4: Ideal for winds from the south or south west

More than one course may be utilized throughout the day, according to wind and tide conditions.

Fleets and Prizes

Prizes will be awarded for top three male & female finishers in the following age categories:

  • U12                  (12’6 and under class)
  • U14                  (12’6 and under class)
  • U16                  (12’6 and under class)
  • U19                  (14’0 and under class)
  • Open               (first finishers overall)
  • 20-39              (14’0 and under class)
  • 40-49              (14’0 and under class)
  • 50-59              (14’0 and under class)
  • 60-69              (14’0 and under class)
  • 70 and over   (14’0 and under class)