Saturday 13 April. Estimated start time: 1230. See full schedule.

The race will start and finish in front of the main competition area, within Waitangi Holiday Park.  The race will take place entirely within the sheltered confines of the Waitangi inlet, and is likely to be two laps of a 2km course, allowing easy break-out for anyone wishing to retire from the race after 2km, and also to ensure maximum viewing potential for spectators.

The course will be set according to the conditions on the day. The map below shows one of many potential courses that can be set within the inlet

The course will be laid so that there will be no conflict with racers on the 8km or 16km courses.

Classes & Prizes

Prizes will be awarded for top three male and female finishers in the following board classes (see rules for board class definitions):

  • 14’0 and under class
  • 12’6 and under class
  • non raceboard 

Prizes will be awarded in the following age categories,

  • U12                  (no 14’0 class for this age group)
  • U14                  (no 14’0 class for this age group)
  • U16                  (no 14’0 class for this age group)
  • U19
  • 20-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60-69
  • 70 and over

In the 12’6 Raceboard and non-raceboard classes there will also be additional prizes for men and women riding inflatable boards, in the following age groups and classes:

  • Open 12’6 Inflatable raceboard
  • U19 12’6 Inflatable raceboard
  • Open Inflatable non raceboard
  • U19 Inflatable non raceboard