Check out the Trophies!

With all the different age categories for race, plus the extra board classes in the 4km race, we realised that we were going to need a LOT of trophies for the Distance and Sprint nationals. Like, literally hundreds. So we looked at options for medals, plaques, cups, etc. And it’s all same old same old, unless spending a lot of money on each trophy.

So we decided to think laterally. What resources did we have? What typified the Bay of Islands. And we talked to keen local paddleboarder Rina Ward, who makes wonderful jewellery based on natural themes…

So here’s a taste of what Rina came up with. Extremely cool individual trophies based on local shells (of which we have plenty!), and local driftwood (same). Environmentally friendly, recycling, nature, all those good things, and some classy quirky trophies that will look great on your shelf., rather than being tossed into a drawer with all those other medals and stuff.

Huge thanks to Rina for her creativity and hard work – check out her awesome creations at

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