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Great to have support for the 2019 SUP Distance Racing National Championships from APSU Life, manufacturers of daily vitamin supplements targetted specifically for paddlers.

Reach your optimal levels of fitness and health with Apsu’s premium blend of vitamins and minerals. Each tablet is also packed with a superfood complex of 42 fruits and vegetables to ensure you reach your ultimate nutritional balance. Apsu’s Superfood Multivitamin supports paddlers of all fitness levels.

We’ll have nearly $500 of their supplements to give away as spot prizes during the event. Worth entering just for this, we reckon!

Find out a whole lot more about their products and why they’re so good for paddlers of all levels, at www.apsu.life/paddle 

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    More information from APSU:

    Our original Apsu Superfood Multivitamin formula was engineered in Hawaii around ten years ago in order to provide exceptional support to water athletes who spend high volumes of time and energy in the ocean.

    We have since adjusted the formula with new premium vegetarian-based ingredients in order to remain on the forefront of high quality supplements. We are extremely proud of our products and our DNA is to practice and promote a healthy lifestyle and outdoor activities.

    We are delighted to align our brand and products with the paddlesports fraternity as we are genuinely inspired by those who challenge themselves in this environment. It is also through our love of the ocean that we signed a UN Environment pledge and challenged ourselves to deliver our Superfood Multivitamin in 100% plastic-free packaging, a journey that became a 10 month industry battle that we were eventually able to win.

    If you are genuine in your search for better health and are a supporter of the war on plastic then we have a solution for you. Apsu services many elite athletes in many sports, from Olympians to America’s Cup sailors. It is due to this high level of engagement with athletes that every batch of our Superfood Multivitamin is banned-substances tested for your peace of mind.

    We wish every paddler in the New Zealand National Championships every success, whether that be in the search for a win, a PB our simply to achieve a personal goal.

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