Need a board for the Champs?

If you’re travelling from afar, then bringing a race board is a challenge. So we’re rounding up as many spare boards from the local SUP fraternity as we can find, to make life easier for you. We’re not promising racks of state of the art 2019 gear, but we can certainly offer a bunch of 14’0, 12’6 and recreational boards in good condition that will enable you to take part.

The standard deal will be something like a $50/day rental cost, plus a $250 bond, refundable after the return of the undamaged board. The deal will be between you and the board owner, the event organisers will purely be a middle party to connect those wanting to rent a board, with those who have spare boards. They will bring the board to the event and you will use it there. If you want to negotiate extra aspects (like the ability to take the board to other places), that will be between you and the owner.

So if you would like to rent a board, or have a spare board to offer, then please use this form.

Boards currently available for rent include:

14’0 Race
Jimmy Lewis Carbon Stiletto 14’ x 27
Red Paddle Co 14’0 Elite inflatable 
SIC Pro 14 x 26
Moana SUP 14 x 25 dugout
Sic Bullet 14 x 27

12’6 Race (has its own class in the 4km race)
Art in Surf 12’ x 25” 
Red Paddle Co Elite 12’6 (various widths)
Starboard 12’6

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