Home built board? Enter it now!

So we’ve added another class to the 4km distance, for home built boards and unconventional solutions to creating a paddlecraft. You can basically enter this class on anything, as long as it’s not more than 14′ long and/or 36″ wide, and is powered solely by a SUP-style single bladed paddle, used by a rider standing up.

We’d suggest that this is not the class for aspiring raceboard builders; if you set out to create a fast board to compete against other 14′ or 12’6 raceboards then you should enter it in those classes. This is the class for those boards a bit more ‘outside the box’. Maybe you’ve designed an environmentally sound board purely using bamboo or hemp (or recycled toilet paper). Maybe you’ve taken a chainsaw to that old windsurfer you ha’ve had lying behind the garage for the last 20 years. Maybe you’ve converted that old feed trough into something that floats… Whatever it is, bring it on! If we get enough entries we’ll have a parade of the designs before the start and get the audience to vote on their favourite, for some more prizes.

Enter here, and select the bottom option from the Saturday race drop-down menu. We’re looking forward to seeing what you can come up with!

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